Dwyane Wade Slammed For Kissing Baby With Gabrielle Union On The Mouth - Check Out The Pic!

Dwyane Wade Slammed For Kissing Baby With Gabrielle Union On The Mouth - Check Out The Pic!
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New mom Gabrielle Union took to social media to post a pic of her hubby Dwyane Wade planting a kiss on their newborn daughter and a lot of people are outraged! Here’s what the users had to say about the ‘harmful’ display of affection!

For many, the kiss was adorable and proved how much Dwyane loves his baby girl, but a lot of other people dad shamed him, making it very clear they are not fans of anyone kissing a baby on the mouth, not even their parents!

Some of the comments under the snap read: ‘Cute, but he really shouldn’t be kissing her on the mouth. / Don’t kiss newborns on the mouth! That’s how you spread diseases, and their little immune systems can’t fight off that bacteria.’

Meanwhile, one person simply wrote ‘Germs!’

But Gabrielle couldn’t be any happier about the adorable picture that she captioned: ‘My #MCM and My #ShadyBaby. Kaav is like ‘trust ain’t my strong suit… close your eyes if you want to.’

The proud mother was talking about the fact that her hubby’s eyes were closed in the snap while their daughter's were wide open as she was staring at her dad.

Ever since the baby was born, the new parents have been posting a lot about their little treasure online, showing Kaavia off!

Hopefully, the hate they are getting for the pic will not cause the two to stop sharing new pictures with the newborn.

Either way, Dwyane is joining a surprisingly long list of celebrities shamed for kissing their kids on the mouth!


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  • Tmomma
    Tmomma Nov 28, 2018 10:56 AM PST

    Kiss your baby anywhere you want! my husband and I waited 25 years to have our first miracle baby.we went through all types of trauma we have a healthy baby boy and I kiss him from his head to his toes. What the haters speak love on your baby

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