Dwyane Wade Plans To Go To Therapy To Cope With Retirement And Reveals He’ll Be Joining Gabrielle Union In LA

Dwyane Wade Plans To Go To Therapy To Cope With Retirement And Reveals He’ll Be Joining Gabrielle Union In LA
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As fans know, the time for Dwyane Wade to retire from the NBA is close and so, it looks like the man and his wife, Gabrielle Union have been thinking of ways to make that transition smoother. During an interview for ESPN’s ‘The Jump’, the happy pair shared all about their plans for after the man’s retirement!

Wade, 37, who plays for the Miami Heat has announced not too long ago that he'd be retiring from the sport at the end of this season.

That being said, there is no doubt that his life will completely change, something Wade and his wife are taking very seriously.

According to the couple, to make this huge change easier on him, the sportsman is planning on spending a lot of time in L.A. with his life partner and baby, as well as going to therapy!

While on the ESPN show, Wade and Union explained how they feel about this upcoming chapter in their lives.

‘We’re moving, well not moving, but we’re going to spend more time in L.A. and there’s a few things that I’ve had to make an adjustment to that she’s [Gabrille’s] not used to. I like new sheets on my bed every day and fresh towels,’ the man shared.

Gabrielle responded then responded that: ‘You don’t need it every day. We’re on the black actress salary in L.A. and now that the athlete salary will be joining me in L.A. in more of a full-time basis, some of those things I don’t think are necessary every day.’

To adapt to his new life of not being on the basketball court all the time, Wade shared that he will also be going to therapy.

He explained that he used to be against the practice since he did not want someone who did not know him to give him ‘instructions.’

However, now Wade feels like he really needs to talk to someone since he has his life ahead of him and wants to accomplish other things as well after retiring from basketball.

‘I have no idea what it is yet that I want to do. But, I want to do a little bit of everything. I want to see what I can be great at. I am so used to being great at something,’ he shared.

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