Dwight Howard's Gay Accuser Masin Elije Insinuates That The Rumors Have Been 'Fruitful' For Him

Dwight Howard's Gay Accuser Masin Elije Insinuates That The Rumors Have Been 'Fruitful' For Him
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Masin Elije has decided to do an interview where he spoke about his alleged failed romance with Dwight Howard.

He also took to Twitter and hinted that the drama was very "fruitful" for him.

The gay author recently dragged the famous NBA star for allegedly cheating on him with transgender women.

Masim also said in a long Twitter thread that the 6’11 basketball player had his pastor and other members of his entourage threaten him.

He tweeted: “It’s sad people will assume you’re doing sh$t for “fame” when I been lit, I been that nig$a on and offline. Dwight ain’t no Kobe, he ain’t MJ, he ain’t LeBron he ain’t even KD. I liked him for who he was, and he allowed his people to threaten and disrespect me. Period.”

He added: “He’s going to say that he had no idea his team was doing this to me, or he’s going to try to sue me, and me and my lawyers' defense will be ‘Truth’ because I have TONS of other evidence I knew better to upload to Twitter.”

The Washington Wizards has not responded to the wild allegations.

Masin spoke with the Hill Reporter where he said: "I have been harassed, sexually harassed, called a ‘f-ggot in a wig’, I have been told in the videos as you can see (below) ‘you better move’, ‘you are a freak’, ‘bend over faggot and tell them that’. I have been threatened; my life has been threatened by Dwight Howard’s PASTOR! I have had every gay slur said to me by Dwight Howard’s PASTOR, Calvin Simmons because I did not want to sign a nondisclosure agreement regarding Dwight. I did not take ‘hush money’ because I was afraid they [would] try to say I extorted Dwight. I just wanted this situation to go away, but the threats his team and pastor made frightened me to the point where I am still afraid. Dwight Howard has done nothing to tell his team and the people he works with to leave me alone. THAT IS MY STORY!”

Via social media, Masim is still sharing his headline-grabbing story. The hair company owner said recently the drama is a blessing in disguise.

He wrote: "Imagine thinking you’re going to live your life and not be talked about. People are going to say good things about you and bad things too, let people talk! Being hated on comes with being THAT BITCH. You can’t be out here addressing and arguing with everybody. I swear the hardest periods of your life can end up being the most fruitful depending on your mind frame at the time."

Will he publish a new book soon or get a reality show? This is America, all is possible.

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