Dwight Howard's Gay Accuser Masin Elije Has Some Interesting Pictures Amid Reports He Outed The NBA Player For Fame

Dwight Howard's Gay Accuser Masin Elije Has Some Interesting Pictures Amid Reports He Outed The NBA Player For Fame

Masin Elije has been trending on Twitter, and he put Dwight Howard on blast via multiple tweets and his stunning pictures are making headlines.

Masin, who is a writer, claimed that Howard is his ex-boyfriend. They allegedly had a romance, but that came to an end after the NBA star fell for someone else and cheated.

The hair company owner, who stated that he is gay, went on to reveal that he was asked to sign an NDA and refused. Howard's camp and his pastor were not pleased and made physical threats against him, allegedly, of course.

Masin said he feared for his life and has therefore contacted the authorities to protect him.

Here are the tweets posted by Masin: "My relationship with Dwight pretty much was over in my eyes, especially after he threatened to “beat the sh*t out of me” of course I’m mouthy and threatened him back and said harsh things. SO THIS IS WHERE THE STORY BEGINS... So one day, I started getting private calls, I was told that it was Dwight, I entertained a couple conversations but turns out IT WAS NOT DWIGHT!"

Masin added: "Calvin works for Dwight and Calvin begun to get irate, disrespectful and homophobic as I continued to deny his “hush money” and said I wasn’t signing the NDA! He tried to insult my intelligence telling me Dwight doesn’t know me and “I never spoke to dwight” Despite me meeting him"

Masin concluded by: "Allegedly) Calvin and Dwight’s camp begun to tell me things like “we know where you’re at” “we are watching you” “we saw what building you came out of” and even went as deep to telling me “You gon find a new residence”So at this point, I am afraid for my life, I’m panicking, I’m having anxiety attacks, and for a whole week I was bullied by Dwight’s team, and Dwight Howard stood there and allowed his team to harass me, and I became a “fag*ot in a wig” when Dwight is a 6’11 BOTTOM."

Masin is also being bashed because some sports fan say he is outing Howard because he is writing a new book.

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  • Hila J
    Hila J Nov 29, 2018 8:13 AM PST

    If he's lying Dwight Howard should get a lawyer and sue him.

  • RiosMimi
    RiosMimi Nov 28, 2018 7:20 AM PST

    He did the same thing to Reese (Basketball wives). May be some truth hmmmmmmm.....

  • Chantel
    Chantel Nov 27, 2018 10:58 PM PST

    Well I guess he has gotten himself in some mess now. Masin is a liar. Masin hit people up pretending to be a female. Once he agree to meet the person thats when he comes out and advise he is male. He expects for these straight men to be open to it but he get threatened. He did it to my daugters ex boyfriend. The harassment, the threats, numerous amour of court dates to get restraining was so much mentally. He is a con artist. Stop giving this little BOY a platform. And note. Im not in Dwight camp, nor do I care to know him. All I can say is good luck to Dwight because once this cancer attach to you. It's a long ride and very costly legally. His mom asked my to understand he has issues. No, he is the issue. I literally never hated someone as much as I hate this person. Like the judge said, he's the worst kind of scum and if he's not careful someone may take his life because you can't trick all men into being gay.

  • Tychinna Pratt
    Tychinna Pratt Nov 27, 2018 9:52 AM PST

    What if the person is not gay or in the closet as you say?? Some people will DO ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING to get there name on blogs, celebrity websites or anywhere people can read their name. Let's not be so quick to judge, that's part of the reason this country is on its way straight to hell.... Let's try to fact finding or practice tolerance, either way there's a better way, know what I mean. God bless

    • Chantel.williams305
      Chantel.williams305 Nov 27, 2018 11:05 PM PST

      And thats exactly what Masin is doing. He did this to my family. My daughter and her ex. His high school crush. He's a con artist. He's a liar and he has a permanent restraining order on him in three county's here in GA in regards to my family. He cant get 100 feet close to us. He is CRAZY. He hit men up pretending to be a born female and when they say"that's a NO go" he gets crazy from the rejection.

  • One
    One Nov 27, 2018 7:18 AM PST

    Didn't he do this last year to another person?

    • Chantel
      Chantel Nov 27, 2018 11:07 PM PST

      No he has been doing this to men since he was 15. He's playing a dangerous game.

      • Jack
        Jack Dec 2, 2018 4:57 AM PST

        Umm its not hard to tell this n is a man with those strong manly features soooo,whats the trick? Stevie Wonder can see that adams apple.

  • Kim
    Kim Nov 26, 2018 7:41 AM PST

    If people want to be in the closet that's there right, especially for celebrities this is why...someone always trying to extort money from them because they want what the star has but won't work for it. Sad. If that's Masin's game he deserves what he's going through. That's the karmic reaction to his extortion attempt.

    • anonymous
      anonymous Nov 27, 2018 6:28 AM PST

      Their* period after celebrities* comma after game*

  • Safaris
    Safaris Nov 25, 2018 10:51 PM PST

    I think err body grown...be the same outside the closet as you are in da clost...then no one has the goods on you Butt... no pun intended Your Fans may kick you around a bit....and your club mate's may never see you the same Know the score before you play the game

    • jon
      jon Nov 27, 2018 2:09 AM PST

      how can there be a score if you dont play the game yet?

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