Dwight Gooden Arrested Again For Driving Under The Influence Charges - Sources Say He 'Pee'd Himself'

Dwight Gooden Arrested Again For Driving Under The Influence Charges - Sources Say He 'Pee'd Himself'
Credit: Source: CBSLA.com

According to a report from The New York Post, Dwight Gooden, the former pitcher for the Mets, was arrested on Monday night again for driving while intoxicated. He was driving a down a one-way in the opposite direction in Newark, New Jersey, just a few weeks after he was arrested with cocaine sources said to The Post.

A few weeks ago, Dwight was arrested for a DUI and the police discovered that he had cocaine on his person. Also known as "Doc," police sources state he was picked up near Ferry Street around 11:10 pm on Monday. For years, Dwight has reportedly battled cocaine addiction.

"He'd peed himself," the insider remarked to the post. Dwight allegedly told the police at the scene of the crime that he suffered from diabetes. However, it's unclear if he really has the illness. He was escorted to the University Hospital in Newark.

Back in 1986, Dwight was part of the Mets' lineup when they won the World Series that year. Moreover, in 1985, he picked up the trophy for the National League Cy Young Award. Unfortunately, the 54-year-old legendary baseball player has encountered issues with the law repeatedly in the past.

Nine years ago in 2010, Dwight crashed his car in Franklin Lakes in New Jersey, while he was under the influence of alcohol. The star was taking his 5-year-old son to school. And on the 7th of June, Dwight was detained by the authorities for driving recklessly.

After an inspection of his car, the police found two bags of suspected cocaine. Unfortunately, Gooden's problems with substances plagued his career and stopped him from achieving his Hall of Fame aspirations.

Reported by the website, Celebrity Net Worth, the baseball player supposedly has a meager $200,000 to his name, despite a long and illustrious career in professional sports.

Another professional athlete to struggle with cocaine abuse was Darryl Strawberry, who was suspended not once but three times in total from the MLB for failed drug tests. The star has said in past interviews that his faith in God played a crucial role in his fight against drug addiction.

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