Dwyane Wade Shows Love To Gabrielle Union - She Was Not Asked To Return To 'America's Got Talent'

Dwyane Wade Shows Love To Gabrielle Union - She Was Not Asked To Return To 'America's Got Talent'
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Gabrielle Union's fans were sad to learn that she has not been asked to return to the show America's Got Talent. Dwyane Wade stepped in and defended his wife, showing her tons of love and respect on social media.

'“Men lie, Women lie, numbers don’t” Over this past year I’ve been approached by many people saying that my wife @itsgabrielleu is the main reason they’ve started watching #AGT or that they love her insight and sincerity on the show,' Dwyane posted on his Twitter account.

He continued and said: 'So when I got the news that my wife was being fired—my first question was obviously why!? I am still waiting on a good answer to that question. But if anyone knows @itsgabrielleu or have heard of her you know she’s an advocate for our community and culture.'

Dwyane also said 'As proud as I were of her being selected as a judge on #AGT— I am even more proud of her standing up for what she stands for and that’s US.'

No matter what happened with the show, Dwyane ended his message by saying this: 'So 🥂 to you @itsgabrielleu on not losing sight of the lessons we’ve talked about teaching our daughter and for kicking ass while you were on that platform. Number 1 judge on one of the biggest shows in the world‼️'

As you probably expect, his fans could not be prouder of him after he showed so much support and love for his wife.

She has also been extremely supportive of him whenever he needed it.

Here's an example of a message coming to Dwyane from one of his fans:

'I looked up to you since I was a kid, and even more so now. I'm sure you're incredibly proud of Gabrielle for her advocation, as many of us are. Her firing is appalling and uncalled for. We need more Gabrielles and Dwyanes in this world. Please know that we have your backs.'

What do you feel about how Dwyane handled all this?

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