Dwayne Wade Appears For The First Time On Daughter Zaya's Instagram

Dwayne Wade Appears For The First Time On Daughter Zaya's Instagram
Credit: Source: NYPost.com

Zaya Wade, Dwayne Wade's daughter, has been sharing a lot of content on her social media platform as of late. BET picked up on an Instagram post from the young girl recently in which her retired basketball-playing father made his first appearence.

Evidently, the Wade's aren't letting the coronavirus pandemic bring them down, because they shared a photo in which both of them were wearing matching t-shirts along with the message on it, "The Future Is On Mars."

According to Zaya's Instagram page, her account is actually run by her parents. It was first revealed on the 21st of March. This past February, Zaya revealed for the first time that she was transgender, and many fans were thrilled. Although, there were detractors as well.

Much of the hatred and vitriol on social media has been captured by the outlet, The Shade Room, which includes screenshots of some of the most virulent criticisms from so-called "fans." Regardless, Wade has appeared unfazed by the nay-sayers.

Zaya's father shared on social media that his daughter was more than aware of her gender identity already when she was just 3-years-old. As fans of Dwayne Wade know, this has been a busy year for him on a number of different levels.

Todd Malm reported on the 22nd of February that Dwayne was slowly moving toward a career in music after leaving the basketball scene last season. As the report goes, Wade sought out the help of the legendary hip-hop figure, Ric Ross.

In 2019, it was revealed that Wade retired from the NBA and immediately signed a contract with CAA, a Hollywood agency. Wade is currently working on a brand new marketing firm, and he said in the past that he was a busy man who wanted to be great at everything.

During a conversation with AdWeek, Dwayne claimed he "wanted to do everything," and if he had the ability to make a clone, he would do it just to get as much work done as possible.

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