Dwayne Johnson Says He'll Bring The Tequila For Duet With Taylor Following Their Collaboration In 'The Man' Music Video

Dwayne Johnson Says He'll Bring The Tequila For Duet With Taylor Following Their Collaboration In 'The Man' Music Video
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Dwayne Johnson recently worked with Taylor Swift in the music video for her new song, "The Man," in which the pop-star transforms into the video's male antagonist while also using Dwayne Johnson's voice superimposed over her own.

Dwayne later took to his Twitter on the 27th of February and shouted out to Taylor following their collaboration, saying that it was his pleasure to provide the voice for the character. The wrestler-turned-actor then went on to post a message about women's equality as well as the importance of being kind to others.

Johnson joked on Twitter that their next collab would be a duet, and he'll bring the tequila and she can bring the guitar. Apparently, Johnson has been a fan of hers for years, including when he appeared on Lip Sync Battle against Jimmy Fallon and sang Taylor's song, "Shake It Off."

This morning, Taylor Swift took to her Twitter to thank The Rock for voicing the character in her new music video, and also being supportive of her work over the years.

Taylor's new music video may have been inspired by her experiences over the last year, including her very public feud with Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta - the former owner of Big Machine Records.

As it was previously reported, Taylor Swift took to her Tumblr to write an essay about how Scott sold her master recordings to Scooter, despite the fact he knew that they didn't get along. The pop-star claimed the only time he heard her speak his name was through tears.

Swift accused both of the men of going behind her back in an under-handed deal to control her life's work. Moreover, the pop-star suggested it was another example of how women are treated in the music industry.

Consequently, Swift has only become more vocal in her support of feminist causes and other social issues, including the artist's right to own their work, which has almost never been a concept in the music business with a few exceptions.

It was one of the themes of her new Netflix documentary, Americana, in which she also showed her reaction to Marsha Blackburn's Tennessee win for Senator.

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