Dwayne Johnson Proves He Can Be Injured - He Hurt Himself In The Gym

Dwayne Johnson Proves He Can Be Injured - He Hurt Himself In The Gym
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While it might seem like Dwayne Johnson is as solid as a rock, Page Six reported today, he can succumb to injuries. Johnson took to his Instagram this Monday to share a photo in which he showed off an injury he had sustained while exercising in the gym which he has called the "Iron Paradise."

Dwayne says he threw around his "50lb chains" but he managed to hurt himself in the process. The Hollywood actor - who has been the highest-paid entertainer in the business for the second year in a row - used it as an example of the type of determination it takes to crush one's goals.

The 48-year-old then jokingly licked the blood on his face and said, "that's good. That's real good." Additionally, Dwayne said that it gets rough sometimes in the gym because he's not playing games in there or "reciting nursery rhymes."

This all comes after the news that Dwayne Johnson came down with the coronavirus earlier this year. Back in September, Dwayne took to his social media account to say it was one of the most "difficult things" he and his family have ever had to work through.

"We're on the other end of it," Dwayne wrote at the time and he said he and his family weren't contagious anymore. As it was noted above, Dwayne Johnson has been on top of the acting world over the last few years.

Johnson originally got his start in the entertainment business as a professional wrestler, but he slowly began to appear in more and more movies, until he found massive success in the Fast and Furious franchise starring himself, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and more.

In fact, Johnson even got his own spin-off called Hobbs and Shaw starring himself and Jason Statham. The movie was controversial at the time due to Johnson's relationship - or lack thereof - with Tyrese Gibson, his Fast and Furious co-star.


As the story goes, Gibson was furious that the spin-off postponed the latest installment of the Fast franchise. Future reports came out saying that Gibson was struggling financially at the time.

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