Dwayne Johnson Posts Adorable Video Showing How To Wash His Daughter's Hands

Dwayne Johnson Posts Adorable Video Showing How To Wash His Daughter's Hands
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Fans of Dwayne Johnson will remember when he portrayed Maui from Disney's massively successful film, Moana . Despite the fact the film is a distant memory, apparently, the actor doesn't mind bringing the character back to life every once in a while.

BET recently picked up on an Instagram post from the former wrestler in which he was voicing Maui while at the same time teaching his very young daughter how to wash her hands, likely as a precautionary measure due to the coronavirus. The United States has over 200,000 cases at the time of writing.

In a video posted to Instagram, Dwayne Johnson raps several verses from the song featured in the film, "You're Welcome," and his daughter, Tia, helps him out too. As fans of the ex-wrestler know, Dwayne isn't afraid to share his love for his daughter online.

Earlier this month, Nick Markus picked up on an Instagram post from Dwayne in which he celebrated the women in his life on International Women's Day. While ostensibly one could say it was for all the women of the world, The Rock paid particular attention to who he shouted out in the video.

Putting it simply, Dwayne explicitly dedicated the video to his daughter, Tianna Gia Johnson. The video features Johnson making his daughter repeat many different self-affirmations, including, "can you say I'm a pretty girl."

Dwayne goes on to take it in another direction and asks his daughter to refer to herself as "awesome," and "smart," instead of just valuing her appearence. Additionally, he tries to get her to say that she can "do anything."

He also took the opportunity to make a joke, looking around in the room to make sure no one was listening to him and asking her to say, "and really the most important thing, 'daddy's the best!'"

Fans of the actor were thrilled at the adorable social media post, with many of them taking to the comment section to shower Johnson's daughter with praise. One person wrote, "Oh my god, she's the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. So cute!"

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