Dwayne Johnson Joins Cast Of TV Series Young Rock

Dwayne Johnson Joins Cast Of TV Series Young Rock
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Dwayne Johnson is taking his career back to the small screen for the new comedy show, Young Rock , airing on NBC. Dwayne, 47, who had a role in the HBO series, Ballers, will portray a character inspired by himself and his life.

Co-written by Nahnatchka Khan and Jeff Chiang, Dwayne, Chiang, and Khan, will all executive produce the brand new program with his team over at Seven Bucks Productions. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Dwayne will star in all 11 episodes ordered by the network.

Previously, Dwayne worked with NBC for The Titan Games. The actor was the host and producer.

Fans of Johnson know that he's currently one of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now, following his very successful career as a professional wrestler. However, he's often in the media for his relationships, including why he and his wife got married in the morning.

As it was previously reported, Dwayne and Lauren Hashian got married approximately five months ago, and he described it as "magical." According to Nick Markus, from a December 2019 report, Johnson stopped by the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to explain why they tied the knot at 7:45 am specifically.

According to the wrestler-turned-actor, they wanted to have the wedding very early in the morning, that way they could have the ceremony over with sooner rather than later. The idea being that they could then have lunch with the family and enjoy themselves for the rest of the day.

There were other reasons as well. Dwayne revealed they got married in Hawaii, where the mornings are spectacular. He added, "it was truly a magical, magical wedding."

In the past, the actor has been more than candid regarding his past romances, including why he was hesitant about walking down the aisle again. Back in December of 2019, Johnson claimed it was challenging for him to tie the knot for the second time because his last separation was so traumatic and difficult.

The actor was married to Dany Garcia, whom he split with twelve years ago in 2007. During a conversation with The Wall Street Journal, the actor admitted that the divorce was tough on his mental and emotional health.

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