During The Event, Ana De Armas Donned A Louis Vuitton Glittery Halter Dress

During The Event, Ana De Armas Donned A Louis Vuitton Glittery Halter Dress
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Ana de Armas wore a silver sequined Louis Vuitton halter gown to the Los Angeles premiere of her new Marilyn Monroe film, Blonde.

Monroe's famous white halter dress from the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch was one possible inspiration for the neckline. Last week at the film's premiere at the Venice Film Festival, De Armas, 34, mimicked the late Hollywood icon in a pink pleated gown by Louis Vuitton.

The NC-17-rated adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates's best-selling novel Blonde is set to premiere on Netflix on September 28. Some of Monroe's most iconic looks are recreated by de Armas in the film, right down to the bald cap de Armas wore underneath her platinum wigs.

In fact, the actress from Knives Out is convinced that Monroe was present throughout filming since the stars aligned in their favor. In my opinion, she was rather content. When she didn't like something, De Armas said, "she would get upset and toss stuff off the wall," as reported by Venice Film Festival journalists. This may appear mysterious, yet it is reality. It was felt by everyone here.

And I think she was extremely close to us, she said, firmly believing. So, indeed, she was present. Andrew Dominik, who directed the movie, concurred with the statement and told reporters that he could feel her presence. It began to take on some of the characteristics of a seance very quickly.

It's possible that Marilyn's ghost was present on the carpet on Tuesday as well.
In a previous post, At the Venice Film Festival on Thursday, the actress wowed in a plunging pink Louis Vuitton gown reminiscent of one of Monroe's most remembered looks for the global premiere of her new Marilyn Monroe film Blonde.

Dresses worn by de Armas and other platinum-haired Hollywood bombshells in the '50s and '60s were often white versions of the famous gown worn by Marilyn Monroe in '55's The Seven Year Itch, which was also characterized by a halter neckline and a billowing pleated skirt.

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