Duggar Family Reportedly In Denial About Jana Duggar's Rumored BF Caleb Williams Sex Abuse Arrest

Duggar Family Reportedly In Denial About Jana Duggar's Rumored BF Caleb Williams Sex Abuse Arrest
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Last month, Illinois police arrested Duggar family friend, Caleb Williams, for two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse against a minor, and according to a report from Radar Online , the Counting On stars are in denial. The Duggars are no strangers to media scrutiny, so apparently, this shocking news doesn’t faze them.

“The Duggars of all people know what it’s like to be reamed by the media,” says an insider. “To them, it’s just another day and another story.”

Back in 2017, Williams was rumored to be courting oldest Duggar daughter, Jana. However, neither of them ever confirmed a relationship, but Williams did say that the two had been friends for more than twenty years.

Just because Williams is facing some serious charges, it doesn’t mean the Duggars are judging their friend. The source says that Duggars are not judgmental people, and thanks to Josh’s history, they know “how easy it is to make a mistake.”

As Counting On fans know, Josh - the oldest Duggar child who is now 30 years old - sexually abused five minor females in the Duggar family home back when he was a teenager. However, his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, kept the story from going public at the time and he never faced charges.

But in 2015, the secret got out thanks to a whistleblower and a leaked police report.

This experience has kept the Duggars from being shocked by the allegations against Williams, no matter how serious. Williams allegedly placed his finger and penis inside of a minor who was between the ages of 13 and 17. A bill of indictment says that the alleged crimes occurred between 2015 and 2018.

A grand jury indicted the 24-year-old last month, and police arrested him on November 26. In his mugshot, Williams looked a lot different than he does on the Duggar’s social media pages. He no longer has a beard, and his eyes appear to be red.

After spending a night in jail, Caleb Williams’ mother bonded him out by co-signing for ten percent of the $50,000 bond. He was ordered to stay in Illinois and have no contact with anyone under the age of 18 until his next court date in January.

He pled not guilty to the charges when he appeared in court on November 28.


The Duggar family will return with new episodes of Counting On in 2019.


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