Dua Lipa's Second Collaboration With PUMA Captures The Rave Vibe Perfectly

Dua Lipa's Second Collaboration With PUMA Captures The Rave Vibe Perfectly
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Pop icon and nostalgia queen Dua Lipa returns to collaborate with PUMA with her new Flutur collection.

Replaying the past in her mind, the singer reminisces about long-forgotten designs and moments in cultural history and PUMA.

For example, about the rave culture of the 90s, which we are invited to remember with heady neon pinks, purples, and oranges combined with holographic touches.

Vintage rave flyers also inspired Lipa's butterfly emblem, which frequently appears throughout her collaboration with the sports brand.

"The butterfly symbolizes transition, metamorphosis, and new beginnings. I felt that in the beginning, when I first started working on the first drop, the butterfly was already very important to me.

Now that I'm moving on to the second line, that meaning has only solidified and become even more important in my life. It feels like everything develops and manifests itself in this way," explained Dua Lipa.

As for the collection itself, Dua and PUMA have over 30 styles to choose from, including a flared tracksuit and the new CELL Dome King sneaker, which was designed by the pop star exclusively for Flutur.

The sneakers are clearly inspired by rave culture, as they have elements reminiscent of football boots and, accordingly, the role of comfort at parties.

What could be better than comfortable shoes in a hot and heated club? As for the Mayze sneaker, it captures the quintessential PUMA aesthetic, complete with a stacked sole that takes us back to the nineties again.

A wider release is scheduled for July 14th on the PUMA website and in select stores worldwide.

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