Dua Lipa Reveals What She And Anwar Hadid Have Been Up To Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

Dua Lipa Reveals What She And Anwar Hadid Have Been Up To Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic
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Dua Lipa graced the cover of Elle Magazine for their May 2020 issue, which will hit the newsstands on the 28th of April, a report from Just Jared revealed. In the cover story, the 24-year-old shared her thoughts on the worldwide pandemic, in conjunction with releasing a new album during such a trying time.

Regarding the release of Future Nostalgia, Dua shared that the "leak" only made her want to drop the record even more on the 3rd of April. The star went on to say that the record's abrupt release into the world channeled her "celestial beliefs." She thinks it was meant to be.

Lipa said to the publication that she is incredibly grateful for the fact her new record is out, and with the way things are now in the world, it has only allowed her, even more, to get closer to her fans and listeners. In times such as these, it couldn't be more important, the star remarked.

These days, she's been spending a lot of her spare time with Anwar Hadid. According to Lipa, she and her man have been watching all kinds of programs and series lately, including Ozark, Servant, The Outsider, The Night Of, Tiger King , and many different films too.

Dua shared that she and Anwar have been keeping it fresh by trying all kinds of things together, including new recipes, films, and anything else to keep each other preoccupied. With that said, however, it has been hard on Anwar, the singer-songwriter admitted.

According to Dua, Anwar misses his family a lot and can't wait to go see them again. And the question on everyone's mind these days is how the coronavirus pandemic will affect our future behavior.

The interviewer asked Dua her opinion on the matter and she said the world would certainly be a lot more cautious when dealing with "Mother Nature" from now on.

The pop star went on to say that the earth was going to "change forever" from the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, the United States is creeping up on 30,000 deaths in total.

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