Dua Lipa Reveals What Katy Perry And Chris Martin Taught Her About Dealing With Haters

Dua Lipa Reveals What Katy Perry And Chris Martin Taught Her About Dealing With Haters
Credit: Source: top40.nl

Dua Lipa is very grateful to two more experienced artists for giving her such great advice about how to handle haters. The singer revealed what Katy Perry told her about dealing with the trolls during an interview for the May issue of Elle.

About haters, Dua Lipa admitted that she’d had plenty and that ‘They're brutal. When I was starting out, I don't remember feeling hate. Then things got bigger, and I felt this expectation of being Beyoncé already. Everything you are doing gets looked at under a magnifying glass. People just want to stunt your growth.’

‘They scrutinize you and they tell you what you should look like or what you should do. You constantly live in a fear of not being good enough. We are in this age of ‘Feminism! We should be supporting each other!' But it is the same people who are saying that that are also bringing women down online,’ she went on to say.

Lipa made it very clear that Twitter is so toxic sometimes that she often takes breaks from it, and social media in general, in order to be able to create.

Obviously, Dua Lipa acknowledges that she has incredible fans who love and support her but it’s human nature to focus more on the negative comments.

That’s where Katy Perry comes in! It turns out that the star gave her a very important piece of advice on how to deal with haters and trolls – don’t google your name – something she did as well at the beginning of her career, before realizing how much the tabloid articles affected her.

Perry also told Lipa to never have her notifications on, for similar reasons.

She was not the only one with some wisdom for her, however.

Chris Martin told Dua Lipa to ‘be kind to yourself.’

It may have sounded weird to her at first, but she then realized that reading all those negative comments would be ‘a form of self-abuse.’


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