Drew Barrymore Was The Perfect Flower Child At Her Flower Beauty X CVS Launch

Drew Barrymore Was The Perfect Flower Child At Her Flower Beauty X CVS Launch
Credit: Source: Drew Barrymore/Flower Beauty

Drew Barrymore launched her Flower Beauty makeup line at CVS and she was the perfect flower child while doing so. Drew has a wonderful sense of style and her fashion choices on The Drew Barrymore Show continue to make headlines. She draws heavy inspiration from the seventies and when she stopped by a Manhattan CVS to celebrate the launch, she wore bubble-gum pink bell-bottoms!

Drew looked gorgeous and wore a flower-print blouse with a tie and was surrounded by multi-colored balloons. The actress and producer was full of smiles and she has every reason to be happy. Her new talk show is a success and her Flower line is taking off. Now with her makeup line available for everyone at CVS, she can be assured she is making a difference with her products.

Many people are attributing the success of the Drew Barrymore Show to Drew's playful and loving personality. It's more than just dressing like someone from the flower-power generation when it comes to Drew. She embodies the ideals of peace and love and her dreamy-like way of looking at life permeates throughout her show and to her guests.

You may see a photo of Drew wearing her seventies-inspired outfit while celebrating the launch of her Flower Beauty line at CVS below.

Source: Drew Barrymore/Instagram

Drew has a way about her that is personable and relatable. That may be why so many people feel comfortable opening up to her on her show. Though her show had a bit of a struggle when it first aired, it's now become a top favorite for many.

Drew is just so nice and friendly, that when Saturday Night Live parodied her show, she loved it and even Instagrammed about it! When  SNL posted the skit on YouTube, Drew even commented on it!

You may see another photo of Drew looking gorgeous while blowing kisses at the Flower Beauty x CVS launch below.

Source: Flower Beauty/Instagram

What do you think about Drew Barrymore's outfit? Do you like the vintage look? Are you going to buy Flower Beauty at CVS?


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