Drew Barrymore Reveals Which Sign Of Aging She Absolutely Detests

Drew Barrymore Reveals Which Sign Of Aging She Absolutely Detests

Unlike many celebrities, actress Drew Barrymore doesn't really mind getting older and even looking forward to it. She actually enjoys her laugh lines! What she can't stand though are the dark circles she often has to contend with.

As a working, busy mom she doesn't always get the amount of sleep she'd like coupled with the effects of getting older, signs begin to show on the face in the form of dark circles or bags.

This is the one area of visible aging that Barrymore cannot stand and works to get rid of consistently.

Barrymore is a beauty junkie herself and even created her own beauty company called Flower Beauty.

She recently took to Instagram to reveal just how she combats her dark circles by showcasing the plethora of skin care options she's tried at one time or another.

One of the reasons that the dark circles bother her so much appearance wise is because they make her look less happy and instead like "a ghoul who came from the graveyard."

Despite not minding the process of aging, she still wants to have some youth and light to her complexion.

Barrymore swears by white tinted eye creams with pink or light pearl tones. It helps to counteract the darkness that often peaks through under her eyes.

It can sometimes be difficult, especially in the public eye to age gracefully without completely altering and changing your features and face.

Barrymore has no interest in invasive measures or going under the knife to somehow preserve exactly how she looked as a teenager. But she does want to remain vibrant and glowing throughout the aging process.

As an actress who's been in the business since she was a little girl, this is lovely to see. Someone who has a healthy relationship with the physical aspects of aging but also loves skin care products and wants to retain a bit of the youthful glow of yesteryear.

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