Drew Barrymore Claims Working Out Is A Necessity - Unless She Wants To Look Like A Bus

Drew Barrymore Claims Working Out Is A Necessity - Unless She Wants To Look Like A Bus
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Drew Barrymore has to work out. Barrymore sat down for an interview with reporters from InStyle this week in which she spoke about the coronavirus' effect on her personal life, especially her fitness and nutrition routine.

Barrymore said to reporters from the outlet that she eats a pristine diet which includes an hour of Pilates each day four times per week. The actress joked that she has to continue with this lifestyle otherwise she'll turn out to be the size of a bus.

Barrymore isn't worried about it. She stated it's part of her journey, and "that is (her) karma." Like many other entertainers and celebrity actresses, Barrymore touched on the difficulties of being a career woman, a teacher, a provider, and a friend, all at once.

According to Drew, she really struggled with the idea of self-acceptance. She claims she has a lot of patience and understanding for other people but rarely for herself. "It's sick," the Charlie's Angels alum remarked. She then went on to offer words of support to other parents who are feeling the same way.

During her worst moments, the actress remarked, she felt bad about herself, but she reminded herself that it was all temporary, and her kids understand that as well. According to Barrymore, the quarantine has been a new normal, but it's not "normal."

It's merely a temporary way of living, and she's ok with it, for now. She said it's not a time to be "lost," it's a time to "be found." Drew isn't the only Hollywood celebrity to touch on the struggles of parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Charlie Theron also explained how homeschooling her kids during the quarantine lockdown was easily one of the hardest things she's done in recent memory.

In fact, Charlize says that out of all the action movies she has completed over the years, nothing pales in comparison to raising her kids at home. Singer-songwriter, Kelly Clarkson, explained a similar phenomenon right before her split with Brandon Blackstock.

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