Drew Barrymore And Alfonso Ribeiro Talk Hanging Out In The Corey Feldman Circle Of Crazy As He Prepares To Re-Release 'It's So Simple' — Watch The Clip

Drew Barrymore And Alfonso Ribeiro Talk Hanging Out In The Corey Feldman Circle Of Crazy As He Prepares To Re-Release 'It's So Simple' — Watch The Clip
Credit: Source: The Drew Barrymore Show/Instagram

Drew Barrymore had Alfonso Ribiero on her program The Drew Barrymore Show and the two took a trip down memory lane and remembered hanging out in what he described as the " Corey Feldman circle of crazy" back in the eighties. Drew Barrymore, Alfonso Ribeiro , and Corey Feldman were all major child stars in the eighties with Drew Barrymore and Corey Feldman seeing their film careers skyrocket. Each worked the television circuit and had joined other former child stars who went on to become huge celebrities on CBS' slot of programming geared towards delivering timely and captivating PSAs to keep teens on the right path— CBS Schoolbreak Special .

Not only was Corey Feldman excited to see Drew Barrymore and Alfonso catch up and reminisce about their wild times in the eighties, Corey announced that as part of the music collection he is currently working on, he'll be re-releasing a song they had worked on together "It's So Simple."

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Alfonso Ribiero starred in the television sitcom Silver Spoons from 1984-1987. During those years, Drew Barrymore (who is descended from Hollywood royalty) had already filmed E.T ., starred in Irreconcilable Differences and Corey Feldman had already appeared in over 20 television shows. Between 1984 and 1987, Corey Feldmans would appear in movies such as Gremlins , Stand By Me , and The Lost Boys . There is no question that from 1984-1987, Drew Barrymore, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Corey Feldman were some of the biggest stars on the planet — teen or otherwise.

You may see a video clip from The Drew Barrymore Show , where Drew and Alfonso reminisce about their wild times with Corey Feldman below.

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Corey Feldman responded to show segment and let both Drew and Alfonso know that he is re-releasing "It's So Simple" and he plans to release the original demo for the song!

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Now fans are clamoring for a reunion between Drew, Corey, and Alfonso on her show!

Corey Feldman continued to discuss the song.

Not 2 mention BOTH DREW & ALFONSO sang #ITSSOSIMPLE Alfonso sang it on the original Demo, & Drew sang it w me on R after school special #15ANDGETTINGSTRAIGHT where I debuted the song, as a form of therapy in the film, & we all sand it 2GETHER.

What do you think about the clip? Would you like to hear some stories from Drew's, Corey's, and Alfonso's, crazy days? Do you want to hear the original demo that Corey and Alfonso recorded?


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