Dream's Melissa Schuman Files Official Police Report Against Nick Carter Alleging Rape

Dream's Melissa Schuman Files Official Police Report Against Nick Carter Alleging Rape
Source: Billboard.com

Melissa Schuman, the leader of the former girl-band, Dream, accused Carter of rape in a post released on her blog last year. However, since then, she has filed an official report with the police of Santa Monica, California.

Celebrity Insider reported at the end of last year that the former singer accused Nick of raping her when she was just 18-years-old. On Wednesday, she wrote on Twitter, "I'm finally doing what I thought I could no longer do."

Before writing all of the relevant hashtags including #MeToo and #Time's Up, the singer revealed she would file an official report.

In an article from E! News, the Santa Monica Police Department confirmed that someone had filed a police report alleging rape against Nick Carter.

At the moment, they are currently investigating the incident, but they cannot name the victim. As you may know, Schuman wrote on her website back in November of 2017 that Nick raped her.

Melissa said Nick pressured her to perform oral sex on him and forced himself on her afterward. Melissa protested by telling him she wanted to "save herself" for a future husband.

As a response, Nick said their encounters were always consensual and revealed he was "shocked and saddened" by her claims.

The Backstreet Boy added he had never heard the accusations before and he always "remained professional and courteous" when dealing with her. In part of the same post, Schuman claims she told her manager about what had happened, but they decided it would be best not to reveal the story because it would adversely affect her career.


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