Draya Michele Apologizes For Glorifying Domestic Violence Again As Rihanna's Fenty Savage Company Responds

Draya Michele Apologizes For Glorifying Domestic Violence Again As Rihanna's Fenty Savage Company Responds
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Draya Michele, like many other online personalities, made a joke in bad taste regarding Megan Thee Stallion's situation with Tory Lanez. Although she swiftly apologized yesterday, the former reality star offered an extended one today.

In case you missed it, Draya was chatting in an interview that quickly went viral. During the discussion, she joked that she wants a man to be so in love with her that he shoots her in the foot if she tried to leave.

This is what is believed to have happened between Tory Lanez and Megan thee Stallion although neither party has confirmed the story.

Immediately, there was pushback from viewers who pointed out that the 35-year-old woman should know better than to joke like that -- especially in public.

Meg seemingly addressed her in a tweet that read: 'Dumb b**** that s*** ain’t f***** funny who tf jokes about getting shot by a n****.'

Draya released an apology of her own that explained that she should have known better than to make a joke out of what seems to be a domestic violence situation.

'I truly don’t glorify domestic violence… I was trying to say just love me deeply. But while trying to be funny, I offended many, including meg. And I’m sorry.'

To make things worse, defenders of the rapper started tagging Rihanna's lingerie company that Draya is an ambassador of. Fenty X Savage responded that they are aware of the situation.

She took it even further Thursday morning to apologize again.

'I just want to take a min to address victims of domestic violence and abuse of any kind and just overall humans, I was wrong to insinuate that there is room for violence in loving relationships, or in any relationship for that matter. I was wrong to try to find humor or make light of the situation, and understand that my joking nature was damaging and hurtful. It was poor judgement and i deeply regret it. This is a sincere apology from me to everyone. It is always my intention to uplift women, and especially black women through my platforms, my businesses, and my words.'


What do you think of Draya's second apology?

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