Drake's 'Scorpion' Album Rubs Chris Brown The Wrong Way Because Of Lyrics About Rihanna

Drake's 'Scorpion' Album Rubs Chris Brown The Wrong Way Because Of Lyrics About Rihanna
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Drake recently dropped a new album called Scorpion , and many people were shocked to see that his nemesis, Chris Brown, was praising his work of art.

Via social media, Chris reacted to the new project in a very positive manner.

However, a few days later, it seems that after listening to a couple of tracks from the album, Chris is not very happy about what the Canadian rapper had to say when it comes to Rihanna.

The father of one did not approve of the songs -- “Summer Games” and “Finesse” -- which contain references to Rihanna (and maybe Bella Hadid.)

A source close to Chris told Hollywood Life : “Chris loves Drake’s new album, but he does not like the track that seems to be all about Rihanna. Despite the mistakes he made with her, Chris still feels protective over Rihanna."

The family friend added: "While Chris has a lot of respect for Drake, he gets emotional when he thinks about Drake being with her or rapping about her. But Chris is grown now, he’s much better at managing his emotions and letting the stuff that doesn’t matter go.”

One fan reacted to the story by saying: "Y'all don't give Chris brown enough credit. He's a grown man."

Another commenter stated: "Meanwhile, most people think it's for a collab or due to the double album thing. I tell ya, Chris is so happy this happened to Drake too. He KNOWS now that Drake and Rihanna will NEVER get back together AND Drake also now has a kid by a no good Baby Mama. He will no more be the only top celeb being dragged for this, and he won't have to witness a Drake and Rihanna baby being paraded on IG and getting all the "awww" and likes. Chris is a happy man I tell ya!! I bet you he is Chessing like this. Lmao."

A third follower shared: "Y'all forgot it was Drake that came at Chris through his boys in a club right? If anything Drake is the one thing, Chris has maintained a level-headed sense of maturity about."

Rihanna has not reacted to the album.

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