Drake's Father Dennis Graham Responds To Claim That Drake Lies About Their Relationship To Sell Albums

Drake's Father Dennis Graham Responds To Claim That Drake Lies About Their Relationship To Sell Albums
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According to a report from Page Six, Drake recently responded to the claim from Dennis Graham, his father. Earlier in the week, Dennis Graham came out to accuse his son of exaggerating or outright lying about his relationship as a marketing and promotional tactic for his music.

The 32-year-old rapper took to his Instagram page today to say that his father would say anything to anybody who's willing to listen. Drake added that it was "sad" when family squabbles turn into what they are, however, "that's the people we are stuck with."

Aubrey Graham, also known as Drake, went on to say that every word he has ever muttered on one of his records was the truth, however, the "truth is hard for some people to accept." This came after Drake's father, Dennis, appeared on Power 106 with Nick Cannon to say his son lied about their relationship for publicity.

Fans of the rapper know he has constructed a narrative around a supposedly absent and alcoholic father. Mr. Graham said to the host, Nick Cannon, that he and Aubrey had spoken about the content of his lyrics in the past.

When Dennis sat down with him one day and asked him why he lied about their relationship, Drake told him in response, "it sells records."
During his appearence on the ItsTheReal podcast in June, Dennis said again that his son frequently lied about their relationship with each other.

Some people in the hip-hop community will take great pleasure in hearing that Drake allegedly lied about his family life as a marketing tool. While Drake has easily become the king of pop mixed with rap, there's no question he has had detractors as well, whether it be justified or not.

Truthful or not, Drake has come out with hit single after hit single, including his latest album, Scorpio, which hit 1 billion streams on Spotify shortly after it was released. Drake released Views in 2016, which was also a massive hit, in addition to More Life, a mixed tape that came out a year later.

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