Drake's Baby Mama Sophie Brussaux Flaunts Newfound Wealth In Pictures While Looking Like A Kardashian Sister -- Critics Pounce

Drake's Baby Mama Sophie Brussaux Flaunts Newfound Wealth In Pictures While Looking Like A Kardashian Sister -- Critics Pounce
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Artist Sophie Brussaux shared a few stunning photos showing off her envious curves and flaunting her newfound wealth, and the haters came knocking.

Sophie, who is Drake's baby mama, wanted to reveal a few luxury items that she recently purchased such as boots and bags.

She captioned the post: "That feeling when you finally match that sale item you bought years ago ?."

Many of Drake's fans told Adonis' mom that she looks sexy one year after giving birth. A few even said she now looks like one of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters.

A handful of haters bashed her for flaunting the large amount of child support she is getting from Drake.

A critic said: "You always matching [email protected] from years ago, now you got baby daddy money you can afford the clothes, lmao no style, don't show off."

A fan replied: "No disrespect looked too quick thought it was a KardaJenner sister. You should change your comment settings to only people you follow can comment, not people who follow you. Keeps away all the creeps and low life's tryna bring down your mood and tell u mean things."

Another commenter stated: "That coat is pretty on you. I love the entire outfit and your hair. Go head on Ms. Fine and Beautiful like Khloe. Drake marry her, have a baby girl with her."

On Drake's new album Scorpion , he confirmed what most of his fans knew and foe Pusha T said on the diss track, "The Story Of Adidon," -- he has a son.

The Canadian later did an interview saying he had nothing but love for his baby mama.

Drake said: “I am a single father learning to communicate with a woman who, you know, we’ve had our moments I do want to be able to explain to my son what happened. But I don’t have any desire for him to like, not love his mother, or I don’t ever want the world to be angry at his mother. We have found ourselves in a situation, and we are both equally responsible.”

He continued: “I think I was more scared to tell my mom because my mom has had real relationships with women in my life over the course of my years that I’m sure she would expect or be elated if I were to have gotten one of those women pregnant."

He also stated: "It was tough for me to tell her that it was somebody that she never met. I unconditional love. I want him to love his mother, and I have to project that energy.”

Sophie and Drake are determined to keep Adonis off social media.

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