Drake Writes Passionate Message For Fan Who Passed Away - Check It Out Here

Drake Writes Passionate Message For Fan Who Passed Away - Check It Out Here
Credit: Source: WindsorStar.com

Drake has established himself as somewhat of a philanthropist in recent months, following the music video for "God's Plan," where a film crew taped him handing out $175,000 cash to fans in Miami, Florida.

As the Toronto-native finishes up his latest tour, Aubrey and The Three Migos tour, the self-proclaimed "Six-God" received unfortunate news about one of his biggest fans, Kay, who has been struggling with an illness.

Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Drizzy traveled to meet a young girl, comforting her during the struggle with the sickness which hasn't yet been named.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization which arranges for patients and other sick people to have their last wishes fulfilled before passing away. John Cena, the wrestling champion, is known for his frequent collaborations with the company, currently holding the record for the most wishes fulfilled by any person.

In an Instagram post dedicated to the 22-year-old young woman, Drake said he "broke down in tears," while praying for her along with her father. However, the Scorpion juggernaut found out recently that she had died.

Drake posted a photo of him sitting on the hospital bed beside his ailing fan. He holds a tissue up to his face, crying, while Kay looks cheerful and content. You can see the post captured by The Jasmine Brand below:

The rapper wrote on his Instagram that he met Kay through the Make-A-Wish foundation and subsequently "built a genuine bond." They would text each other on a regular basis. The Toronto Raptors ambassador explained that Kay would check up on him every so often.

While he looks at the time he spent with her fondly, Drake admitted that he was looking forward to meeting up with her after the tour, but he, unfortunately, wasn't able to.

Drake finished off his post, explaining that he didn't know why he chose to write all of that on Instagram, but he felt as though he had to share his feelings with the world. "Will remember you forever K!" the rapper wrote.

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