Drake Turns 34-Years-Old And Fans Put Him On Blast For His Birthday Menu - Mac 'N' Cheese With Raisins?

Drake Turns 34-Years-Old And Fans Put Him On Blast For His Birthday Menu - Mac 'N' Cheese With Raisins?
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Drake had his 34th birthday this weekend, and many of his fans thought the rapper would be dropping his latest project, Certified Lover Boy, on his birthday. As it turns out, however, Drake ended up doing no such thing, Hot New Hip Hop reported this week.

The Hollywood Life reported that Drake actually threw a party in LA on Friday after taking his plane from Canada. The rapper then appeared in Las Vegas for his birthday, however, the outlet says it was a relatively low-key affair.

Even though he didn't advertise it as much as he would've in the past, the internet has since been the platform by which photographs and videos of Drake partying have been spread. For instance, one picture featured one of the rapper's birthday menus which included some of his most favorite dishes.

G-Ry shared a picture of him and Drake at the party along with a sweet birthday message for the Toronto artist. While these photos got many shares, retweets, and comments, it was the food menu that really caught people's eye.

Reportedly, the menu included things like baby kales salad, caesar salad, sushi platter, and red sauce. The next thing on the list that stirred social media commentators' curiosity was the macaroni and cheese options. It included other delicious ingredients like raisins, parsley, sun-dried tomato, and caper.

While most people were thrilled at the idea of the macaroni and cheese, others were grossed out by the idea of including raisins in the dish. Hollywood Life noted, however, that the grilled cauliflower dish had raisins as well, so perhaps it was a typo.

As most know, Drake has been all over the headlines recently for a number of reasons. The rapper has been teasing his next project, Certified Lover Boy, which is scheduled for release in January of next year after months of postponements.


It was supposed to come out in the summer months of this year, but sources have stated the coronavirus pandemic played a role in its rescheduling, although, this hasn't been confirmed.

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