Drake Shares Rare Pic Of His Long-Haired Son Adonis In Sweet Father's Day Post

Drake Shares Rare Pic Of His Long-Haired Son Adonis In Sweet Father's Day Post
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Drake took to social media to show off a new pic of his son, Adonis and it looks like he’s done a lot of growing up ever since the rapper last shared something featuring the adorable boy. In fact, his curly golden hair has done a lot of growing as well during this quarantine!

The image was shared online as a way for Drake to mark Father’s Day and his followers could not be any happier about the update as well.

He made sure to pay tribute to all fathers out there ‘handling business,’ writing alongside the cute and rather rare pic of Adonis ‘Happy Fathers Day to all the real g’z handling business.’

Adonis, who Drake shares with Sophie Brussaux, can be seen curled up comfortably under a duvet in his bed.

He also has on a white, fluffy sweater with colorful stars on it in the snap.

The boy was looking out of the frame at the time and holding a hand up to his face while pouting.

Perhaps, the thing a lot of people in the comment section focused on the most was his long, blonde hair, the curls looking even fuller and more gorgeous than the last time we saw little Adonis.

This comes only months after the dad finally confirmed he’d become a father and shared the first pics of the boy, introducing him to the world.

While on Lil Wayne’s talkback show, he discussed his decision , saying that: ‘I posted those pictures. It was so great for me. It was great to share that with the world and I felt like … It was not even anything I talked to anybody about or anything I planned.’

As you remember, the reveal was quite controversial and people were confused since Adonis looks nothing like either his parents.

But, it turns out that, the one he resembles a lot is actually his grandma and Drake’s mother !

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