Drake Is Sued For Allegedly Stealing Some Beats For His Songs

Drake Is Sued For Allegedly Stealing Some Beats For His Songs
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Drake is not having his best days as he's been sued. The Shade Room cites TMZ and reveals all the available details on what happened.

'Although he may have just racked up another number one album on the Billboard charts, Drake has also earned another lawsuit for allegedly stealing the beats for two of his biggest hits,' TSR writes.

TSR cites the info from TMZ and says that Drake found himself in 'some serious legal hot water that could end up costing him millions.'

Drake and Big Freedia, who was featured on the song 'In My Feelings,' are sued by Samuel Nicholas III aka Sam Skully.

The man says that they stole his beats. He also said that Drake did the very same thing and also stole the beats for 'Nice For What.'

Someone said: 'It’s his producer’s taking the samples and song melodies and running with them.'

One commenter said: 'Drake stole some music??? I don't believe it......this is so unlike him 😮😯😦😧'

Someone else shared: 'He will pay whatever he gotta pay and move on with his life... do y’all see his house? He ain't worried about sh!t'

A follower posted: 'It’s funny cause I always see that an artist is getting “sued” but I never hear what the outcome is 😂😂'

Someone else believes that 'They are late to the party they were plotting. Seen how successful both could get and how much money it would make and then they come to collect. I ain’t mad at it but🤷🏼‍♀️'

A person also said that 'He also stole an entire Caribbean accent. I’m waiting for him to get sued for that 😕'

Not too long ago, after Drake's baby mama was in the spotlight , he expressed his love for her, claiming that he loves her unconditionally and respects her, for the way she cares for baby Adonis.

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