Drake Is Excited To Spend The Holidays With His Son Adonis - Source Says The Proud Father ‘Loves Showing Him Off’

Drake Is Excited To Spend The Holidays With His Son Adonis - Source Says The Proud Father ‘Loves Showing Him Off’
Credit: Source: rollingstine.com

Rumor has it that Drake is getting ready to celebrate the holidays with his son, Adonis, and he is apparently looking forward to it! Christmas with the 2 year old will definitely be very special and so, the star cannot wait to make everlasting memories with the child.

Of course, his other loved ones are also set to celebrate the winter holidays with him and that's just perfect because that way Drake can show his child off to everyone!

While Drake kept the existence of his son under wraps for a while and even now, he rarely talks about him during interviews, that is not to say he is not taking his dad duties very seriously.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Drake will see his son for Christmas for sure. Things are really good with him and Sophie, smooth and friendly. They are not a couple but are genuinely friends and he makes sure that she and his son are well taken care of so there is nothing but love. When he sees Adonis she is there and will stay at his house. He has flown her out with Adonis to see him many times.’

They went on to dish that he loves his son a lot and likes nothing more than to spend time with him.

Obviously, because he is still so young, his mom, Sophie comes to their hangouts too but the insider assures the news outlet that it’s not an issue since the co-parents get along great!

‘Drake traditionally does the holidays in Toronto, he likes being there because his mom is there and other family and it’s just a good time of year to connect with his loved ones. Drake’s mom is Jewish so they celebrate Hanukkah as well as Christmas, it’s one long celebration. Drake likes having Adonis visit him in Toronto because his mom and all his extended family are there so they want to see him too and Drake loves being able to show him off, Adonis is very loved,’ the same source dished.

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