Drake In Isolation Away From His Adorable Son Adonis - He Misses Him Like 'Crazy!'

Drake In Isolation Away From His Adorable Son Adonis - He Misses Him Like 'Crazy!'
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The COVID-19 quarantine is keeping loving father Drake away from his son Adonis and one insider report claims it’s just driving him crazy because of how much he misses him! In other words, being isolated away from the toddler is really hard on the rapper but at the same time, it turns out that it’s what led to him finally sharing those adorable pics of him with his fans!

Everyone was just dying to meet Drake’s son but it took a virus outbreak for him to share a couple of snaps of the beautiful baby boy.

As you may know, Drake and Adonis were actually pretty close to one another since the star is in quarantine in Toronto, nearby to where he and his mom are also in isolation.

However, due to the fact that Drake had contact with Kevin Durant, who has tested positive for coronavirus, he is no longer able to leave his house at all, being in complete isolation for the time being.

That obviously means he also can’t spend time with little Adonis at this point in time and one source tells HollywoodLife that it’s really hard for him to do that! Drake misses his son a lot!

‘His two weeks [of self-isolation] are up today [April 1]. But he might wait a bit longer to see Adonis, just out of caution. He'd never forgive himself if he put Adonis at risk,’ the insider dished.

They went on to explain that ‘He’s used to being able to see him whenever he wants, and being in self isolation is driving him crazy. Drake and Sophie agreed that now was the time to spread some light into the world. There's nothing that brings more light to Drake’s life than his own son. Now, more than ever, he wanted to make sure people know where he stands as a father. He wants his son to have as normal of a life as possible, but likes sharing him with his fans to show off how much he means to him.’

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