Drake Disses 'Thirsty' Chris Brown Over Rihanna's Mom Monica Braithwaite's Birthday Note On Instagram

Drake Disses 'Thirsty' Chris Brown Over Rihanna's Mom Monica Braithwaite's Birthday Note On Instagram
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Drake and Chris Brown are now feuding over Rihanna's mother, Monica Braithwaite, oh boy!

According to several sources close to Drake, he finds Mr. Brown is weak and thirsty for writing a cheap message for Mrs. Braithwaite.

As we previously reported, the "Deuces" singer, like the rest of the world, spotted a sweet note and picture Rihanna shared on Instagram on April 6 - the day her beloved mom celebrated her 57th birthday.

The father of one wrote "Happy Birthday" followed by heart emojis.

It was claimed that Rihanna was touched by the move because she is aware that the entertainer is currently on tour and took some time to make her mother smile.

It is a well-documented fact that the trio - Drake, Rihanna, and Brown - have been through too many scandals to enumerate.

Which is why it is not that surprising that the Canadian rapper and actor has decided to mock his nemesis for the gesture.

An insider said that Drake believes Brown was trying to get headlines with his message.

The person said: “It isn’t Drake‘s business, but he thought Chris [Brown] was being extra thirsty by wishing Rihanna‘s mother a happy birthday on Instagram. If he were a real man, he would have sent her mom flowers and a card and did it all on the low, like Drake did, instead of trying to be noticed."

The source went on to add that Drake found Brown was disrespectful towards Rihanna's mother.

The spy shared: "Don’t get it wrong, Chris’ message was a nice gesture. But Drake thinks he wasn’t genuine and that he only did it to get Rih’s attention. Drake loves Rihanna and has the utmost respect for her and her family, especially her Monica! But make no mistake, the last thing Drake wants to see is Rih and Chris together.”

What are your thoughts on this new Drake, Rihanna and Brown drama?

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  • Gen
    Gen Apr 9, 2017 12:03 AM PDT

    What a smack in the face its like hey I punched your daughter in the face happy birthday and I still want to bag her but I'm dating someone else right now. Cheers.

  • CP3_Bitches
    CP3_Bitches Apr 8, 2017 1:35 AM PDT

    Has drake forgotten the Chris has already been there and done that way before he was even in the spotlight ? Come on drake lets be real you can't get mad over something that Chris had first to begin with

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