Drake Debuts Massive Tattoo Of His Son Adonis After Reuniting With Sophie Brussaux

Drake Debuts Massive Tattoo Of His Son Adonis After Reuniting With Sophie Brussaux
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Drake is loving fatherhood and has found a clever way to show it -- by getting a massive tattoo of his baby boy, Adonis, whom he shares with French artist Sophie Brussaux.

Late last week, the Canadian crooner had a concert in Paris where he invited his baby mama and her entire family. Sophie and her loved ones were treated like royalty.

Drake took the opportunity to unveil a huge tattoo of his son on his arm. The famous Young Money MC also unveiled a few shirts with Adonis' name splashed on them.

Sources confirmed to TMZ and Hollywood Life that Drake is in love with his baby boy and does his best to see him very often. He is also getting along with his baby mama.

An insider told Hollywood Life : “The mother of Drake’s child, Sophie lives in France, so it was easy for her to bring Adonis to see Drake in Manchester. She’s flown with Adonis all the way to L.A. before to see Drake so meeting up with him in the U.K. was no issue at all. Drake pays for all her travel; of course, he always does. He is always very hospitable to Sophie, but since he’s in Europe, he is making extra effort to see his son.”

The person added: "It’s unlikely that Sophie and Adonis will be with Drake for the entire tour, but they were with him opening night, and he’s now in Paris where she’s based, so he’s getting more quality time with his son there over the next few days. Drake loves being a dad and is so proud of his son. He just keeps things very discreet because he feels that is safest and healthiest for his son. Drake doesn’t want to broadcast any of his time with his son because he is a very protective father. He is a great father that wants his son to have as much of a normal life as possible. And he is going to continue to make sure that is the case.”

One fan told Drake and the mother of his child: "Will, you ever show us your baby’s face? Or are you ultra-private, like Adele and Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard? Being a mixed “kid,” myself, I’m trying to guess what he looks like since he’s 3/4 white and 1/4 black. I bet he’s a cute, little swirl! ❤️💙 🍫🍦"

Another commenter stated: "Lmao, why he looks like he got all his tattoos out of a cereal box on a Saturday morning."

What are your thoughts on Drake's new tattoo?

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