Drake And Stefflon Don Take Their Instagram Flirting Offline - Here Are The Photos

Drake And Stefflon Don Take Their Instagram Flirting Offline - Here Are The Photos
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Drake had social media fans really anxious when he made an online wave with his pickup game. The rapper was on Instagram live, chatting with Stefflon Don.

There were some cheesy lines exchanged as Drake was listing all the reasons for which he would be the ideal choice for the female emcee.

Their interaction was a bit funny, but it seems that it was only paving the way for something more serious.

Stefflon issued a virtual invitation to all the bachelors who would love to take her out.

Drake lined up as well, and he apparently made quite an impression on the single woman. Both of them took their flirt offline, and they headed out for dinner as you will see in the photos below.

They were spotting laughing and having a great time over drinks and a pretty nice conversation.

During their live Instagram chat, Drake did mention a potential music collab between them, and this might have been a reason for their meeting:

'I'm a confident guy. I can hold my own in any room, you know. I've known you for a while, we busting out jokes together. What else? What else? We could cook up chune together in the stu.'

Drake recently made headlines again when Pusha T was performing in his hometown, and suddenly while he was on stage, he was sprayed with massive amounts of beer and water. There are also videos from the show in which people can see what happened.

It looked like all signs pointed to Pusha T hinting at the fact that he was the one who ordered the hit, according to Hollywood Life.

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