Drake And Meek Mill Crush Their Beef For Good After The Toronto Native Brings Him Out On Stage In Philly

Drake And Meek Mill Crush Their Beef For Good After The Toronto Native Brings Him Out On Stage In Philly
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Last week, Drake and Meek Mill ended their long-running feud onstage while in Boston, and on Saturday, Drake brought Meek Mill on to the stage in Philadelphia. When Meek joined Drake before their fans, in the city which he's from, Drake said Philadelphians were getting their "own special show."

Drake referred to the ex-boyfriend of Nicki Minaj as "the king of Philly," and he played the hype man in the background while Mill performed, "Dreams and Nightmares."

At the end of the performance, Meek and Drake shook hands and hugged before he left the stage. As most know, Meek Mill has become a symbol for fight against unjust American incarceration, especially in the way that it affects African-Americans.

Previously, Meek had to go to prison for approximately five months due to violating parole that was given to him over ten years ago. The rapper violated his conditions when he drove a motorbike while filming a music video in New York City.

Later on, multiple reports indicated that the judge presiding over his case was acting out of accordance with the law and proper codes of conduct in the legal system.

Moreover, due to public protest and outcry, including the hashtag, #FreeMeekMill, the rapper was subsequently released. He later revealed that he would begin working on and advocating for an updated and refurbished legal system, one that doesn't incarcerate people unfairly.

Other celebrities to take on this endeavor include Kim Kardashian, who secured a presidential pardon from Donald Trump to release Alice Marie Johnson after she was sent to prison for life for drug charges.

As for Drake's performance, he hit on a number of old singles from his earlier catalog, telling the crowd that it has been more than "ten years since we've been together."

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