Drake And Josh Reunited At The VMAs And The Internet Loves It

Drake And Josh Reunited At The VMAs And The Internet Loves It
Source: Josh Peck YouTube

Josh Peck reunited with his former co-star Drake Bell at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) and the Internet is loving it. Peck has a YouTube channel and live-streamed himself and his wife as they attended the music event. The video is fun to watch and gives a behind-the-scenes view those watching the event on television rarely see. Not only was Peck's tour funny, exciting, and enjoyable to watch, but when he caught up with Drake Bell, the video felt surreal. Bell and Peck laughed and seemed to enjoy the reunion. They also laughed about recent controversy that occurred when Peck didn't invite Bell to his wedding.

Peck's video has gone viral and is in the top YouTube trends as fans are delighted to see the duo joking, laughing, and having fun. The past controversy is being put to rest as Peck and Bell appeared like old friends who were genuinely happy to see each other.

The vlog lasts approximately ten minutes long and provides a look at Josh and his wife getting ready for the VMAs, and even stopping to get some doughnuts along the way. Bell had his video camera ready when he hit the red carpet and invited viewers to enjoy his unique perspective of the popular music award show. You may watch Josh Peck's vlog and the reunion with Drake in the video player below.

The two joked about the wedding Twitter drama and Drake could be heard saying, "It wasn't even my fault!" If anyone worried that the two might have unspoken tension you wouldn't have noticed it during their reunion. Joshua Peck later shared a photo of the two friends giving each other a warm embrace on his official Instagram account.


If you thought the two weren't sincere in their reunion or may have been putting on a show, think again. Josh and Drake later reunited during the week and YouTube user David Dobrik captured the event on video.  The guys were all smiles and laughter as David Dobrik was ecstatic to finally have Drake and Josh visit him in his home at last.

That video has also gone viral and you can watch it below.

At the end of the video, Josh tells the camera that there is no drama between the two and it's always been love with the co-stars.

What do you think about the videos and the reunion? Do you think Josh and Drake can maintain their friendship? Would you like to see the actors work together again?

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