Drake And Chris Brown Have Different Reactions To Rihanna's Vogue Interview

Drake And Chris Brown Have Different Reactions To Rihanna's Vogue Interview

Rihanna's interview is still making waves, and according to reports, Drake has reacted to what his ex-lover had to say.

Talking to V ogue , Rihanna made it clear that there is nothing left from her on-and-off romance with Drake.

The diva, who is in a romance with Hassan Jameel, said she is no longer in contact with the Canadian rapper, but she does not view him as an enemy.

However, unlike Chris Brown, Drake is not angry nor bitter by the words uttered by Rihanna.

A source close to Drake told Hollywood Life : “Drake is hurt that Rihanna has turned her back on him so hard. He still has feelings for her so to know she does not even consider him a friend anymore is a blow. He is shocked and disappointed. But Drake is always optimistic when it comes to Rihanna, and he is looking at the bright side in all this — at least she does not consider him an enemy.”

The person added: “To him, that is proof that the door is at least a little open for things to heal between them one day. He is letting her have time and space, and he is confident that they will get things back on track. Drake still thinks very highly of Rihanna. Nothing has changed in his heart or mind about her. It is all love.”

One of Drake's supporters had this reaction to the story: "Why is she talking about Drake and not her new man? She said more about Drake then her man. I am confused on what Drake has to do with anything. What Billionaire they did not even mention his name in the interview, but the mentioned everybody else's?"

Another commenter brought up Janet Jackson: "She is done wit blacks damn. So y'all didn't learn nothing from Janet and her experience with her sand Prince....Bye!...."

A third person shared: "His name was not mentioned in the interview at all. Everybody is is saying his name, and people need to stop saying that if Rihanna is not saying it. All it said is Rihanna is in a relationship they never mentioned his name or who he is. They let people say it, so Rihanna does not have too."

Rihanna seems ready to put a lot of drama behind.

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  • Iyanna
    Iyanna May 9, 2018 6:48 PM PDT

    I dont understand why Drake and Breezy are mad, they had their chance and they f-d it up.Rihanna is too busy trying to take over the world then to be bother with exes,boys youre and ex for a reason,she is moving forward not backwards.,She still feels the betrayal,and hurt

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