Dr. Oz Responds To Donald Trump's Claims That The Quarantine Will Be Over By Easter - 'There's No Way!'

Dr. Oz Responds To Donald Trump's Claims That The Quarantine Will Be Over By Easter - 'There's No Way!'
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While the president is suggesting what seems obviously like a very dangerous way to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, medical specialists are warning against it, including TV doctor Dr. Oz! It’s, of course, Donald Trump’s claim that people will be able to finally leave their self-quarantines to attend church by Easter Sunday!

Trump called the holiday a very special day and has made it very clear that Americans are not just encouraged to congregate in groups and go to church in large numbers but that it’s also a realistic scenario that the virus will also be done spreading by then.

In response, Dr. Oz insisted that the United States will not be reopened by Easter and that the virus problem is far from over!

During his interview with HollywoodLife, the TV host shared that ‘I think it is unlikely that most of the country will be ready by Easter. It is possible that some parts might but we need to have a national debate about whether we want to let some of the country come back to work and keep the rest of the country out. There is no way in New York, Los Angeles, all the major urban areas that have been hit hard, like Seattle, will be able to come back by Easter.’

Dr. Oz also noted that he is most worried about health care providers: ‘If they get sick, we all go down and that is the weak link in the system. There's some trials of medications we are going to experiment with to see if they can help reduce the chances of catching the virus, if you are taking care of someone. There are some tactics being used in hospitals to try and protect the doctors and nurses as best as possible. But we need enough equipment.’

In conclusion, to flatten the curve and also protect doctors and nurses risking their lives to save others, people need to remain inside no matter what.

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