Dr. Drew Pinsky Has Advice For Demi Lovato Following Her Alleged Heroin Overdose

Dr. Drew Pinsky Has Advice For Demi Lovato Following Her Alleged Heroin Overdose
Credit: Source: CBSNews.com

Dr. Drew Pinksy, who specializes in drug addiction, recently came out with some advice regarding Demi Lovato. The 59-year-old said to Us Weekly on the 26th of July that he doesn't believe that the 25-year-old singer should go back to rehab, necessarily.

However, a good option for her would be to surround herself with sober people, who support her and can allow her to focus on recovery. Pinksy added that easily the most important thing was for Demi to begin attending meetings as soon as she can.

As it was previously reported, Lovato was hospitalized on the 24th of July, and paramedics found her unconscious in her home in the Hollywood Hills, concluding that she had overdosed on heroin.

Reportedly, the medical professionals had to treat her with an anti-overdose drug called, Narcan. It's typically used for emergency situations only.

Pinksy, who is most known for hosting Celebrity Rebab and also collaborating with MTV and their Teen Mom stars, explained that he isn't surprised by her relapse.

According to Dr. Drew Pinksy, Demi is struggling with addiction like everyone else is in life, except sometimes, a person can take it a little too far. Moreover, her mental health struggles make it especially difficult for her.

This comes after the singer celebrated six years of drug-and-alcohol-free living in March, and just three months after that, she announced she had relapsed.

A source who spoke with Us Weekly claimed that Lovato fired her sobriety coach just a couple of days she collapsed, and she also got rid of her lifestyle trainer, Mike Bayer.

When discussing her relationship with Bayer, who used to work with Lovato while at the CAST Recovery Center in West Hollywood, the doctor explained that a former business partner can't be a former patient. Either they're old business partners, or addicts, they can't be both together.

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