Dr. Dre May Have A New Record Coming Out Page Kennedy Says

Dr. Dre May Have A New Record Coming Out Page Kennedy Says
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Dr. Dre has the reputation for being one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time. Heavy lies the crown because Dr. Dre is also known for being a perfectionist, which makes sense, considering he may be trying to make sure his new projects are as good as his last.

Either way, the result of this type of work ethic is that Dre only has three solo albums in his discography thus far, including one that was released in 1992, one in 1999, and then another one that came out in 2015. Put simply, Dre hasn't published a lot of work as a solo artist.

More importantly, fans have wondered for years if the hip-hop producer would ever release "Detox," but as it turns out, Dre chose to shelve it indefinitely.

Fast forward to today, and the Detroit rapper, Page Kennedy, has come out to say that he has actually heard new music from Dre. Page also insinuated there was a new record coming out sometime as well. On his Twitter account earlier this week, Page wrote that the Dr. Dre album was "sounding fire."


A fan asked Page if Eminem would be coming out with a new record again, and they also asked whether Marshall Mathers would appear on Dre's latest project, which he said he would.

Fans of the hip-hop world know Dre and Eminem have worked together a number of times in the recent past, including on Music To Be Murdered By , Mathers' last project. Dre has also been spotted working with people like Quavo, Busta Rhymes , and Xzibit.

Putting all that aside, it looks like fans might be able to hear a new Dre record sometime soon. However, it looks like people might have to wait a few years yet because the producer is currently fighting his estranged wife in a court of law.


As it was previously reported, Dre and Nicole Young filed for divorce earlier this year, and ever since the news came out, more and more reports suggested Dre and Young's dispute has been contentious. For instance, Young and her legal team have requested Dre submit any documents related to the paternity of all children she may not know about.

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