Dr. Dre Explains How Much He Would've Hated Coming Up As A Rapper In The Social Media Era

Dr. Dre Explains How Much He Would've Hated Coming Up As A Rapper In The Social Media Era
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Social media gets a bad rap nowadays. It's not uncommon for celebrities and other performing artists to slam social media for the way in which it appears to highlight the worst qualities in people.

Moreover, the fact many people can hide behind an avatar or sometimes just a username only intensifies their bitterness toward others. They can let others know how they truly feel, which isn't always that positive. Even Dr. Dre admitted his uncertainty whether it would've been a good thing in his own career.

During a new conversation with GQ magazine, Dr. Dre explained that he would've hated creating a career for himself in the advent of social media. His business partner in the billion-dollar deal with Apple, Jimmy Iovine, also shared his thoughts on the matter.

Reportedly, Dre isn't the type of guy who uses social media anyway. On his Twitter account, for instance, Dre admits that it's not even him who manages his account. Dre explained in the new interview with GQ that when you use social media, the mystery or the "mystique," as the artist explained, is completely destroyed.

Dre went on to say that he likes to keep people on their toes and not know what he's up to at every moment of the day. Jimmy Iovine, on the other hand, joked that there were a few things a much older man shouldn't do.

One of them is "wearing is a V-neck," and the other is "going on Instagram." Dre said in response that he actually owns several V-neck shirts. As it was noted above, this wouldn't be the first time a celebrity commented on the negative aspects of social media culture.

In fact, it's not uncommon at all for entertainers and celebs to take a break from social media on account of the never-ending comments they get from people, many of which are quite abusive and mean.

Earlier this month, Khloe Kardashian complained of the same thing, stating that the reason for her decrease in posts had to do with the vitriol from commenters.

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