Dr. Anthony Fauci Makes Shocking Confession After Being Blamed By Donald Trump For The Spread Of The Coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci Makes Shocking Confession After Being Blamed By Donald Trump For The Spread Of The Coronavirus
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Earlier this week, Donald Trump decided to throw Dr. Anthony Fauci under the bus by blaming him for the mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic that has hurt millions of Americans and killed thousands.

In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Trump claimed that Fauci made many mistakes, which led to the current catastrophic situation in the United States.

Trump stated: “First of all, the mortality rate and Dr. Fauci is a nice man, but he’s made a lot of mistakes. But a lot of them said ‘Don’t wear a mask, don’t wear a mask.’ Now they are saying ‘wear a mask.’ A lot of mistakes were made, a lot of mistakes. Let me just make one statement, and we do testing like nobody’s ever done testing. And when we test, the more you test, the more cases you find.”

It appears that Fauci is fighting back despite the fact he is no longer allowed to appear on TV.

The medical expert said: “I have a reputation, as you probably have figured out, of speaking the truth at all times and not sugar-coating things,” he said. “And that may be one of the reasons why I haven’t been on television very much lately. You have a random virus jump species from an animal to a human that is spectacularly efficient in spreading from human to human, and has a high degree, relatively speaking, of morbidity and mortality.”

He went on to reveal: “I’m trying to figure out where the president got that number,” Fauci said. “What I think happened is that someone told him that the general mortality is about 1 percent. And he interpreted, therefore, that 99 percent is not a problem when that’s obviously not the case.”

He then shared this alarming claim: “I have never seen a virus or any pathogen that has such a broad range of manifestations. Even if it doesn’t kill you, even if it doesn’t put you in the hospital, it can make you seriously ill.”

Fauci also made this shocking confession in the interview: “I’ve gotten death threats. My family has been harassed, my wife, and my children. That required my getting security protection for a while.”

Trump needs things get back to normal to increase his chances in November.

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