Dove Cameron Talks About A Possible 4th ‘Descendants’ Movie Without Cameron Boyce

Dove Cameron Talks About A Possible 4th ‘Descendants’ Movie Without Cameron Boyce
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Dove Cameron opened up about continuing the Descendants storyline without her co-star and dear friend Cameron Boyce. As you may know, the 20 year old actor tragically lost his life after suffering a seizure back in July.

Cameron had already played his part in the third installment of Disney’s Descendants before his passing, which is why he still appeared in it after dying.

However, when it comes to maybe making more in the future, Dove made it clear that she thinks the franchise cannot go on without Cameron.

While it sounds like Disney was originally planning to have a fourth, after Cameron’s passing, those plans were discarded and Dove thinks that is for the best and it should stay that way.

The actress was at the opening of Frozen the Musical at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre when she chatted with HollywoodLife and shared her opinion on the heartbreaking situation.

‘What happened was so incredibly heart wrenching for all of us and something we could not recover from. And so, I think the idea of making another movie while it'd be nostalgic for all of us, and while it'd be healing in a lot of ways, it might also be very wrong,’ she told the news outlet.

She went on to explain that: ‘So it could go either way and it really depends on how we are all feeling and I think that the beautiful thing Disney has done is that they've very much created a safe space for the cast to be wherever they are at. They canceled everything when Cameron passed away and I know they want what is in all of our best interests, so we’ll see. I doubt it, but we’ll see.’


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