Doubtful Khloe Kardashian Has A Hard Time Finding A Way Forward In Complicated Relationship With Tristan Thompson

Doubtful Khloe Kardashian Has A Hard Time Finding A Way Forward In Complicated Relationship With Tristan Thompson
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A doubtful Khloe Kardashian is having a tough time forgiving Tristan Thompson for cheating on her, but she is not ready to give up on her complicated romance.

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and revealed that while her family believes that her baby daddy will break her heart, she thinks the relationship can be saved.

The friend said: “Plenty of people in Khloe‘s life are questioning her decision to keep trying so much and giving so much to Tristan but it’s not their choice to make. Khloe is following her heart and doing what she feels is best for her and her daughter. She doesn’t want to give up, and Tristan has made it clear he wants a future with her and six-month-old True. People have accused her of being in denial about their future, but Khloe insists she’s not in denial, she’s just choosing to move past the negativity and find happiness.”

Khloe recently jumped on social media to say it pained her heart to watch a Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode that focused on Tristan's cheating.

She tweeted: “Tonight’s episode is an uncomfortable and super emotional one for me, but when we signed up for this show over a decade ago, we signed up for a reality show, which meant showing you guys inside our lives, the good, the bad and the ugly.”

She also shared: “To relive these moments all over again is incredibly difficult emotionally but I also hope that with every trail [SIC], tribulation and curve ball life throws at us, that we ALL get to learn from our journeys.”

The mother of one concluded by: “Oh well thank God a camera was NOT with me in Cleveland!!! I won’t put in writing what I did but let’s just say he’s LUCKY I was nine months pregnant.”

Another source said that the basketball star regrets his actions and added: “Tristan is full of regret after seeing how much he hurt not only Khloe [Kardashian] but the whole Kardashian family by his actions. After watching the latest episode of KUWTK, Tristan feels pretty horrible about what he put Khloe and her whole family through because of his poor decisions.”

Baby True seems to be the only person making Khloe smile.

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