Dori Cooperman Detained By Authorities For Reckless Endangerment Of A Child And DWI

Dori Cooperman Detained By Authorities For Reckless Endangerment Of A Child And DWI
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According to Page Six, the socialite, Dori Cooperman, was detained by the authorities for child endangerment and aggravated DWI on Shelter Island this past summer. The 48-year-old blogger was pulled over by the police on the 30th of August around 7:30 pm with her child in the car.

The outlet obtained court documents from Shelter Island which confirmed she was arrested with her child in the vehicle. Reportedly, the star was booked for the night during the processing of her intoxication tests, in addition to the fact she purportedly put her son's welfare in danger. She failed to stop at a stop sign as well.

The following day, she was arraigned in court and was later let back out on just $3,000 bail. Cooperman is known for hanging around Nicky Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, as well as Lizzie Grubman. She and her man welcomed their child, Beck Edward Cooperman, in August of 2018, however, the father's identity isn't known.

You can see a picture of her in the image below:

This won't be the first time Cooperman has gotten into trouble. Reported by the New York Post back in January of 2013, the blogger pleaded guilty in the Manhattan Criminal Court to disorderly conduct.  She reportedly smashed the window of a police vehicle in March of 2013, and almost fell outside the courthouse as she avoided journalists' questions and photographers.

The blogger was reported as saying that her picture wasn't "going to run in the Post," as she ran away from the paparazzi. Dori is the daughter of the former chairman of the Travelers Bank Group, Edwin Cooperman, and has accrued a name for herself as a socialite and blogger.

However, she's also known for getting herself into trouble. As it was mentioned above, Dori was in court for getting into an altercation with a cab driver and police officers in March of 2013.

Dori took a cab from 61st Street, 5th Street, 14th Street, and 9th Avenue, and refused to pay the cab driver after she got to her destination. The cab fare was just $22.56.

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