Don't Expect To See Stormi Webster On 'KUWK' -- Kylie Jenner Will Not Allow It

Don't Expect To See Stormi Webster On 'KUWK' -- Kylie Jenner Will Not Allow It
Credit: Source: People

With the exception of North West, 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' fans haven't really had to wait much to see the Kardashian children if they would just tune into the show. However, don't expect to see Kylie Jenner's little girl on the program for years.

According to the billionaire makeup mogul, Stormi Webster will not be on the show until she is able to decide for herself. This may stem from the fact that Kendall and Kylie Jenner weren't able to choose their life in front of the cameras for themselves because Kris Jenner chose for them.

Additionally, Travis Scott is a private guy. Although he's been a superstar rapper for some time now, it wasn't until he started dating Kylie that he really has had his privacy invaded at this level.

It was reported that the 'Astroworld' rapper made it clear from the get-go that he doesn't want his daughter in the spotlight. He wants her to be as normal as a kid in her position can be.

Hollywood Life reported: "Travis is happy that Stormi has so many advantages out of the gate being the daughter of two high-profile parents, but his wish is that she has as much of a normal life as possible in the celebrity bubble she is in. That is why he would love for Stormi never to be on TV but he knows that the likelihood of that happening is pretty much impossible."

The insider told the publication: "Its something that is not causing friction with Kylie yet, but it's definitely been conversed about on many occasions because they both have different ideas of how they want to parent."

The reality of it is, Kylie may be the most private of the famous family. After all, she did her best to hide her entire pregnancy from the world.


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