Donald Trump's Constant Attacks On Barack Obama Is A Unique Strategy That Will Not Be Repeated By Other Presidents -- Here Is Why

Donald Trump's Constant Attacks On Barack Obama Is A Unique Strategy That Will Not Be Repeated By Other Presidents -- Here Is Why
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It is a known fact that President Donald Trump is not a fan of his predecessor, Barack Obama. It has been confirmed that Trump slammed Obama for various reasons 246 times on Twitter during his 951 days in office.

Whenever the former reality TV star does an interview or takes part in a press conference, he happily bashes Obama, most recently at the G-7 summit where he said: “President Obama was not happy that this happened because it was embarrassing to him, right? It was very embarrassing to him, and he wanted Russia to be out of what was called the G-8. And that was his determination. Putin outsmarted him. He was outsmarted.”

There was also a lot of buzz on social media when Trump announced that he would be canceling an upcoming visit to Denmark, in light of the country’s refusal to discuss the sale of Greenland to the US.

And while many immediately jumped to mock Trump and pointed out how ridiculous his position was, other comments pointed out that there might be more to the story.

In fact, it could lead back to none other than former President Obama himself. According to the most recent rumors, the canceled trip had nothing to do with Greenland in the first place.

Instead, Trump was worried after finding out that Obama was also planning a trip to Denmark shortly after he would inevitably lead to an upstaging situation.

It is no secret that Obama enjoys a much more favorable reception around the world, especially in some countries like Denmark, so it is not hard to imagine that he would have been received much more warmly compared to Trump.

And with that in mind, some claim that is all there is to the story -- Trump did not want to get upstaged by Obama, so he faked the story about Greenland to avoid having to go in the first place.

Whether that is true or not is hard to tell at this point, though it does not seem to be a very unusual prospect to Trump’s own supporters.

Experts spoke to media outlet VOA and said that Trump’s constant attacks on his predecessor are unique and no future president will repeat such behavior: “This is just one more aspect of President Trump’s personality that is not at all likely to be repeated by subsequent presidents. And for a good reason. Most presidents seek to build bridges across parties to get things done. This president has never thought to do that and to his detriment. It’s not a very successful strategy.”

Many expect to hold a truly unique place in American history.

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