Donald Trump's Adviser Kellyanne Conway's Couch Controversy Finds Liberals Overreaching Again

Donald Trump's Adviser Kellyanne Conway's Couch Controversy Finds Liberals Overreaching Again
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Kellyanne Conway is in a middle of another huge controversy, but this time around, she has a decent explanation to defend herself.

Monday, the 45th U.S. President Donald Trump invited leaders of historically black colleges and universities to the White House for a meeting to discuss matters relevant to those entities.

White House counselor Conway was pictured kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office while browsing her phone. The African-American guests were all standing, and some of them were looking at Mr. Trump.

The photo surfaced online and went viral. Many liberals slammed the former pollster for being disrespectful.

Celebrities like Keith Olbermann, Alyssa Milano, and Vanessa Carlton did not miss the opportunity to slam a prominent and controversial member of the new administration.

As it is often in situations like these, Conway went into silent mode. The overreaction from some people on the left has become a useful tool for Trump's team to rally the base and even get a few voices in the middle to support their agenda.

Moreover, in this case, the critics got the story completely wrong. Other pictures taken that day confirmed that Conway was only trying to take some photos from the gathering.

A few rational members of left-leaning publications came out to defend the conservative woman and urged their side to remain focus on more important things.

Mother Jones‘ engagement editor Ben Dreyfuss took to Twitter and wrote: “She was taking a photo. This is the dumbest outrage ever. I don’t give one f— that Kellyanne Conway put her feet on a couch."

The right did the same thing to former President Barack Obama and lost. The left should learn from their mistakes.


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