Donald Trump Wonders Why People Like Dr. Fauci While 'Nobody Likes' Him - Check Out His Theory!

Donald Trump Wonders Why People Like Dr. Fauci While 'Nobody Likes' Him - Check Out His Theory!
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Donald Trump is not the most popular and loved president and it seems like he’s just realized it! Still, he wonders why that is!

The POTUS grumbled over the fact that he is so disliked, complaining that his rate of approval is much lower than that of the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

But while he brought this into the discussion, Donald Trump also seemed to have a theory as to why America doesn’t really like him as much.

This comes just as The Atlantic, citing a June 2020 poll from Gallup, reported that the current POTUS’ approval rating has dropped to a record low for him which is 38 percent!

Donald Trump was at a press conference on the global pandemic when he voiced his complaints.

He tried to remind people about his own contribution when it comes to dealing with COVID-19.

‘[Fauci] did not want to ban China when China was heavily infected. He didn’t want to do it but I did and also other things. And he told me that I was right and I saved tens of thousands of lives, which was generous. But I think it is fact. Then I did the whole ban on Europe. But I get along with him really well and I agree with a lot of what he said.’

Sure enough, Donald Trump really struggled with understanding the reason why the American citizens seem to like Fauci more than him when it comes to the measures taken to manage and contain the virus.

This information is based on a poll shared by Morning Consult and POLITICO that shows that 62 percent of voters think Fauci had a ‘good’ or even ‘excellent’ handling of the health crisis while only 36 percent thought the same about the POTUS.

So, Trump went on to argue that it’s not very fair.

After all, Fauci works for his administration so he wants more credit for picking Fauci and not anyone else less competent!

He argued, in part, that ‘He’s working with our administration and for the most part we’ve done pretty much what he and others… recommended. And he has this high approval rating. So, why do I not have a high approval rating with respect? We should have a really high, because what we have done in terms of…the masks and gowns and ventilators and the numbers that nobody has seen; and the 55 million tests. So it's curious, a man works for us, with us, very closely, Dr. Fauci and Dr. [Deborah] Birx…they are highly thought of and nobody likes me.’

In the end, Trump shared his theory as to why no one likes him, saying that ‘It could only be my personality, that’s all.’


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