Donald Trump Supporters Mostly Trust Fox News For Information, Says New Pew Research Survey

Donald Trump Supporters Mostly Trust Fox News For Information, Says New Pew Research Survey
Credit: Fox News Channel

All those interviews that Donald Trump gave or called in on Fox News have made it the most watched cable network during the election. And on Thursday, a new poll released by Pew Research confirmed that it is also the most trusted source for Trump supporters. It is simple to understand why Trump backers favor the right-leaning news network over CNN, MSNBC, or NBC. While other cable networks had pundits, reporters, and paid political experts commenting and analyzing all of Trump's actions and words - or lack of - the New York billionaire was in person on FOX saying exactly what they wanted to hear.

Almost every night, the mogul had a phone interview with Sean Hannity on the news show, "Hannity." The pair even held a very fruitful and controversial town hall where Trump conducted a live survey via the cheers and jeers of the audience on whether he should build a wall on the Mexican border.

Almost every morning, the mogul called in on "Fox & Friends" to talk about the latest breaking political news and scandals. Trump also had few sit-downs on "The O'Reilly Factor" where Bill O'Reilly would scold him (discreetly) for some of the disturbing remarks he made on the campaign trail.

According to Pew, about 40% of Trump backers, who took part in the survey, said they watched Fox News religiously to be informed during the primary and the presidential. Less than 8% of the Republicans, who support the president-elect, stated that they watched CNN - which has been given the nickname Fake News Network by Trump.

Only 7% said they trusted Facebook for information, followed by NBC at 6%. Data also showed that Trumpsters continue to favor the Fox News Channel over other networks even after the epic feud between Trump and Megyn Kelly.

Now that Trump is president, expect the channel that was created by media mogul Rupert Murdoch to have the highest ratings in TV history. Some predict all of Trump's interviews will be on FOX.

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